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ICPC delegation visits the University of Porto

The ICPC operations team visited the University of Porto during this week in order to accompany and assist the preparations for the scheduling of the event.


Fully prepared to receive this event, the University of Porto reinforced the readiness to welcome all the participants in the city of Porto in march 2019. The University of Porto has also the expectation that this event will be a great event not just for the participants but also to the city of Porto and the North of Portugal.


In order to host one of the most important events taking place in 2019 in the city of Porto, which is being held for the first time in Portugal, the University of Porto has the support of the Porto Municipal Council and the Regional Coordination and Development Commission of North in the organization of the 43rd edition of the International Collegiate Programming Contest.



Porto Best European Destination

Porto, the ICPC 2019 city host, was elected best European destination in 2012, 2014 and now again for 2017. What makes this city so appealing?

In 2012 and 2014, Porto was distinguished with the prestigious title of Best European Destination. The city competed against 19 other selected towns and after a three weeks’ period of online voting, the results came out and Porto was announced has the winner.
On February 10th, Porto was announced Best European Destination 2017, having competed against other great cities, such as London, Rome, and Berlin. More than half the votes came from outside of Portugal, which means that there are Porto lovers all over the world.


Besides this title, Porto has other ones in its most recent history. The city was also highlighted by Lonely Planet has one of the top 10 best value cities in 2017, and earlier in 2015, was also elected by USA Today readers as the Best Under-the-radar Romantic Destination.

According to Euromonitor International, the city of Porto was one of the top 100 City Destinations 2018.

So, why is Porto one of the best european destinations? Find out more in this article.